Data Backup – There is No Excuse!

I’ve just bought a new USB data key. So why am I writing a blog about it? Well, it was a 64GB data key. Big enough to backup all my data and the best bit is that it was less than £24! Bargain!

I plan to use my data key to give me another mechanism to ensure my laptop is backed up more regularly. Whilst I have an external USB disk that I backup to once a week, I would be happier doing more regular backups and that is what the data key is for. The data key is also more portable meaning I know I can take my data with me wherever I go.

I regularly see small businesses who have little or no regular backup strategy. If this is you, maybe a USB key is at least one step to improving your backups. Here are some other tips you might want to take about backups:

1. Identify the data you NEED to back up and how often does it change? If it changes daily then ideally you should be backing it up daily.

2. Make someone responsible for backups in your business. If you are a one man band that might be you! Take responsibility for it. You may well regret it if you don’t.

3. Schedule your backups and make a note in your diary to do it. If you forget to do it, do it as soon as you remember.

4. Consider where you store your backup data. Do you have it off site so that you can access it should be unable to access your office?

5. Test your backups regularly. It’s OK letting backup software run but if you can’t recover the data then it is pointless. As with backups, regular checks should be scheduled so they don’t get forgotten about.

6. Consider the data you are backing up. If you are storing personal information you need to encrypt your backups to prevent unauthorised access.

7. If you review your backup strategy and find you have business critical data that you can’t be without for even a short period of time, get professional advice on finding a suitable backup solution.

So, it may be little steps but buying a data key may at the least make sure you backup all that data on your laptop, but I hope it might make you think about the rest of the data in your business and ultimately improve your data backup strategy.

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